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Absolutely delicious, with the added benefits of healthier palm fruit oil, less sugar, no need for refrigeration, and no separation! Honestly, it's so fresh, it tastes like you ground up peanuts in your blender and poured it into the jar. I wish I'd had it to serve my children when they were growing up, but it's not too late for my grandchildren.
Elizabeth C - Amazon


I'm SO happy I saw someone mention this AMAZING Peanut Butter on Twitter. I ordered the six pack, to try all three varieties. I will never purchase any other brand again. I've recommended Home Plate to several people who've bought it, and love it as much as I do. The fact it's made by former Baseball players is just icing on the cake for us!! Do your taste buds a favor and order this ASAP!!!
Angie O - Amazon


Discovered this at central market in Dallas while on vacation. We love this peanut butter, especially the one with honey. A spoonful reminds me of the peanut butter our elementary school used to serve on chili day. I hated the chili, but the peanut butter was divine!
L Pendergrass - Amazon


Saw on instagram, delicious peanut butter, got the assorted box, have tried several organic, Non-GMO products, trying to replace popular brand, but have never found one that really thrilled me, HomePlate hit the spot, great product, tasty...will repurchase!! 
Camen M - Amazon


This stuff is so good. I need some more.
Bruce J - Amazon


This is the best peanut butter on the market. We have probably tried 20 different brands of peanut butter and this one is the clear winner – by far.
Cal - Amazon


This peanut butter is delicious! Very creamy, and I like having a natural peanut butter that doesn’t separate much. I had tried the Homeplate brand in a jar and so ordered these packets as well—super convenient, I can throw them in my purse or car for a quick protein-packed snack whenever I need it.
Elizabeth S - Amazon


I love Homeplate Peanut Butter! I buy it at my local Sprouts store. And now I have the squeeze packs for on the go— I am a happy customer.
It is the best peanut butter on the market, hands down!
MadMomma - Amazon

All 3 kinds are terrific - so smooth and creamy, with perfectly balanced flavors. The Honey is by far the best peanut butter I have ever had in my life. We received it in a Mantry box, and LOVED it. Everyone I have encouraged to try it has had the same opinion. So, so good!
Elizabeth - Amazon