Apple Bacon & Peanut Butter Double Decker
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Apple Bacon & Peanut Butter Double Decker

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It's time to get crazy. The tang from a crispy apple. The salty goodness from a slice of bacon. The creamy sweetness from HomePlate's honey peanut butter. The chew of a soft piece of potato bread. All of this is yes and all of this is about to be in front of your mouth.


    • Applewood smoked bacon (cooked)
    • Granny Smith apple (or your own favorite)
    • HomePlate Honey Peanut Butter
    • Fresh, chewy bread (potato, egg, or otherwise)


    • Cook your bacon in a pan if you haven't already. Nobody wants raw bacon.
    • Cool the bacon to room temperature.
    • Thinly slice your apple...or thicker if that's your style.
    • Spread HomePlate Honey Peanut Butter onto two slices of bread.
    • Lay the apple slices on top of the peanut butter.
    • Lay as much bacon as you'd like on top of that (but don't get too crazy).
    • Stack one bread/peanut butter/apple/bacon pile on top of the other.
    • Top with another slice of bread.
    • Eat carefully.
    • Smile.