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There is a Hack for That: Peanut Butter Hacks!

Have you been finding yourself with a hard nut to crack when it comes to common household fixes?  Well put on your cleats, because we’re going to take you on the Home Run Derby of hacks.

1. Out of shaving cream? Try shaving with creamy peanut butter for a smooth shave with added moisturizer from the oils. There are no gimmicks here, use the peanut butter just as you would the shaving cream.


2. Creamy peanut butter makes for a great food to eat to help soothe an upset stomach.


3. Forget your dandruff shampoo, massage peanut butter into your scalp as a moisturizing mask and say so long to those dreaded flakes!


4. After a long day of carting the kids from school to their little league games or a grueling day at the office, treat yourself to a spa day by combining olive oil, honey and peanut butter for a face mask. Out of honey? Just use HomePlate Honey Creamy Peanuts.


5. Don’t let your 90’s sports jams CD's go quite yet! Preserve those suckers with a healthy layer of peanut butter (please avoid the crunchy for this one), rub it in and then wipe clean. Now pop the CD into your Walkman and try not to move too much so you can enjoy the classics without the darn thing skipping.


6. Remember when you were a spry young peanut and mom had to cut off a chunk of hair to remove what was the most epic bubble gum bubble in the history of bubble gum bubbles? Spare the shears and coat hair in peanut butter for 2 minutes, wipe away with a cloth, and voila! No more gum in hair. This trick also works with your carpet and clothes.



7. Want to see your leather shine like never before? Rub some peanut butter on it! The oils in peanut butter not only shine your leather goods, but clean it too. Grab a cloth and a dollop of PB, rub in circular motions and then wipe clean. This is a great alternative to harsh chemicals.


8. Who doesn’t love the fresh, nostalgic smell of peanut butter? Short of bottling it up and turning it into eau de HomePlate, this stuff can help eliminate household odors. All you have to do is plop a tablespoon of this nutty butter in a frying pan for about one to two minutes and let the smells waft. Bye, bye odd odors.


9. Okay car nuts, save your elbow grease for another day. Rid your windshield of those pesky bugs by rubbing some peanut butter in those hard to clean spots. Let sit for ten minutes and spray it off with a hose and presto!


10. So, you know those times you hit a pop fly and with a crack of the bat there is a nice, new scratch? Guess what? Peanut butter can fix it! Administer the peanut butter on to the bat and let it soak in for thirty minutes to an hour tops. Wipe away the miracle spread and you will hardly notice the scratch.


Let us know which of these hacks you want to try! Find us in a location near you.